Plan of ATK! Episode 18

In this episode of Plan of ATK!, Simon continues to tackle his paint list for the year with Seraphon commissions while Laurie whips up some tabletop quality of her own with a friend’s Fallout board game miniatures.  Simon gears up for his first trip to the Las Vegas Open for some monkey business.  Dave Taylor, formerly of Games Workshop and Wargames Illustrated joins as special guest; they talk about his vast experiences in the industry and his penchant for boosting Kickstarter quality.   Simon wraps it up with some great read recommendations!

Plan of ATK! Episode 17

Out with the old and in with the new!  With the holiday season behind them, Laurie and Simon check in to catch up on gaming news.  They are joined by Nick Kay, a talented artist known for his work at Privateer Press and Bungie, to discuss his experience in both tabletop and videogame industries.  Even our co-hosts can’t escape New Year’s resolutions!  To wrap up, we answer some fantastic questions from the audience about what the new year has in store for wargaming!  Will Simon conquer his hefty paint to-do list?  Will Laurie paint her own stuff? ...

Plan of ATK! Episode 16

Simon Berman returns from his international adventures and joins Laurie for another round of Plan of ATK!  In Episode 16, we focus on the newly released Necromunda from Games Workshop.  An old friend visits the podcast once more to share his hobby master techniques and experiences with Sector Mechanicus terrain.  Chris Walton, always a delight, waxes nostalgic with us over the Necromunda release!

Plan of ATK! Episode 15

As Simon continues his international travels for fame and glory, we’ve prepared a very special episode for our fifteenth entry of the Plan of ATK podcast!  Andy Hobday joins us once more, this time to tell us all about his latest and greatest: Gangs of Rome.  Delve into a shadowy world of intrigue and violence with us as we discover what this new miniatures game has in store.  Win prestige and glory of your own as a Dominus/Domina employing your gang to secure your seat in the Senate.  Gangs of Rome features some lively mechanics that are...

Plan of ATK! Episode 14

On the Eve of all Hallows, Simon and Laurie return for an extra spoopy special episode of ghastly goodies.  Simon completes his Troglodon commission and shares an awesome recipe of autumn leaf litter for base decoration, while Laurie continues painting her Grymkin army!  We get a great battle report of Simon’s epic Musquets & Tomahawks game, Laurie covers the new Mini-Crate subscription service from Privateer Press, and Uncle Mike drops by for a visit to tell everyone about his tabletop cultist game on Kickstarter.  Our haunting hosts wrap up the show by announcing the winner of the...

Plan of ATK! Episode 13

A very special (interview-less) episode! Scheduling difficulties precluded our guest from joining us this episode, but we think we still manage to blather a lot. Simon and Laurie discuss their swapped hobby time, then dive into a plethora of current events from Privateer Press, Games Workshop, and Kickstarter. Simon reviews the Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike on Kar’a Nine starter set, and then the episode concludes with a lengthy and deservedly named Off Topic section and Questions from the Audience, as well as a final reminder to participate our on Spoopy Halloween Hobby Challenge!

Plan of ATK! Episode 12

Our dastardly duo returns in Episode 12!  Continually excited about the prospects of a spooky and spoopy month ahead, Simon and Laurie report on their success in their latest hobby ventures involving more samurai and Grymkin goodness.  News abounds with talk of Shadespire, SAGA, and Paolo Parente’s Dust: 1947 — oh my!  Revel in all things terrain with their guest Rob Hawkins as he shares his journey as professional hobby master.  The two gush over the super Citadel Paint App, reviewing it’s true awesomeness.  Since it’s such a delightfully frightful time of year, don’t miss out on...

Plan of ATK! Episode 11

Despite the travails of hurricane season, episode 11 has arrived and with it Simon and Laurie talk about painting samurai, Grymkin, and some big game news including the release of the new edition of the Batman miniatures game. Special guest, Andy Hobday, of Warlord Games, and co-developer of Test of Honour talks to Simon about his career, his work on Test of Honour, and drops some exclusive news about future expansions for Test of Honour and announces his next upcoming game, Gangs of Rome! Simon reviews the Path to Glory supplement for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar before...

Plan of ATK! Episode 10

Plan of ATK returns from it’s late August hiatus! Simon and Laurie talk about Convention Season in high gear, the never-ending series of surprisingly cool Games Workshop announcements, and discuss the new P3 Wicked Harvest paints before welcoming guest Gregoire Boisbelaud, of Dust USA to talk about his career on both sides of the Atlantic. Laurie reviews the Grymkin Wicked Harvest starter set, and the episode concludes with the usual off topic ramblings.

Plan of ATK! Episode 9

The episode begins with discussion of Simon’s Best Minis Game ever, a massive Horus Heresy game played with old friends earlier in the month. Laurie talks up her shop and bemoans her lack of painting time. News features the requisite 40k discussion and a number of interesting Kickstarters and upcoming minis peripherals. Simon and Laurie are joined by special guest, John Demaris of Muse on Minis who has much to say about his own journey from competitive play, to podcast emperor, to laser cut tokens and terrain entrepreneur. Simon reviews the new Codex Adeptus Astartes Space Marines,...