Plan of ATK! Episode 2

Simon and Laurie talk Stardrake and Cyriss painting, WARMACHINE proxy base/measuring token controversies, and are generally excited about the new Kharadron Overlords for Age of Sigmar. They then launch into a lengthy discussion of 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 teasers and news. Larry Vela, founder and owner of Bell of Lost Souls joins Plan of ATK as this episode’s special guest interview. Simon reviews a starter set for Dust 1947 before the episode wraps up with some talk about new movies and some chat about the now-ended contest sponsored by Seattle’s Raygun Lounge.

Show Notes


Plan of ATK! April 2017 contest submissions

Laurie’s Convergence of Cyriss army

Laurie’s painting progress!

Laurie’s Age of Sigmar assembly begins

Simon’s Stardrake commission

News and Current Events
Larry Vela Interview

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