Plan of ATK! Episode 5

Welcome to a very special Low Impact Episode of Plan of ATK brought to you by Con-Crud. Simon rambles at length about his experiences at Enfilade. Laurie and Simon decide that there is so much Warhammer 40,000 news that there’s no point in trying to keep up and that next episode will be devoted entirely to the new edition. Shoshie Bauer appears as the first professional miniatures painter guest on Plan of ATK and offers a great deal of wise advice. Laurie reviews Bit Box before both hosts decide to end the episode prematurely and tend to their awful summer colds.

Now with timestamps.

Show Notes

Introduction & Enfilade 2017 Discussion

Simon’s Enfilade 2017 Photo Gallery

Original Fimir Sorcerer

Tusk: Mammoth Hunting from 12,000 BC to 1914 AD


SAGA: Age of the Wolf
Test of Honour

Pike & Shotte

The Conflict: A Napoleonic Experience

Saga Dark Age Skirmishes

News & Current Events (51:31)

Warhammer 40k news

Dark Imperium

Space Marine Heroes

Zombicide: Green Horde

Shoshie Bauer Interview (1:06:48)

Shoshie’s Magnificent Mini Painting (Facebook)

Shoshie’s Magnificent Mini Painting (Youtube)

@ShoshiesMinis (Twitter)

Fine Art Water Colorist, Shoshanna Bauer

Reaper Bones

WARMACHINE/HORDES Painting Group (Facebook)

By Lantern’s Light (A Kingdom Death Facebook Group)

Angel Giraldez 

Matt DiPietro: Contrast Miniatures

Studio McVey

Ben Komets

Dragon Fall

Shoshie’s Flower Witch painting video

ColourWise: Colorblind Miniature Painters

Shoshie’s Skin Tones painting video

Verdaccio painting technique

Rackham Confrontation

World Model Expo Chicago

Dallas Kemp

Gopher Mafia Games—A Home for Wayward Gamers

Review (1:57:05)

BITBOX – Space Saving, Easy Traveling, Board Game Storage

Off Topic (2:01:10)

The Leftovers

Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo

The Machine: Bride of Pinbot












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