Plan of ATK! Episode 7

Though Laurie and Simon still dwell in the grim darkness of the far future, this episode returns to the usual format. Simon shamelessly plugs his work on the team for Planet of the Apes: The Miniatures Boardgame. News and current events (mostly the grim darkness of the etc. etc.) are discussed. They are then joined by special guest, Dr. Chris Handley of the Darker Days podcast and developer of FASA’s Fading Suns: Noble Armada 3rd Edition. Simon then reviews the starter set for Test of Honour: The Samurai Miniatures Game and then both hosts field questions from listeners.


Simon’s Crimson Fists

Simon’s Crimson Fists blue base paint notes
Prime: black
Airbrush basecoat: Kantor Blue
Not Really Zenithal Highlight: Kantor blue + P3 Mixing Medium
Wash: Nuln Oil
Highlight 1: Kantor Blue
Highlight 2: Alaitoc blue
Highlight 3: Hoeth Blue
Glaze: Guilliman Blue x2

News & Current Events (15:15)

TheWarStore and Planet of the Apes Minis at Booth #2407

Chris Handley Interview (38:28)

Some of Chris’s painted models

Review (1:50:30)

Questions from the Audience (2:07:38)

Simon’s Suggested 50 PL Adeptus Custodes List for Brian Fox
(PS this list might sucks who knows)
Patrol Detachment
4 – Lord Commissar
14 – Custodian Guard
19 – Land Raider
8 – Contemptor Dreadnaught
5 – Witchseekers

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