Plan of ATK! Episode 8

Our brave podcast co-hosts return, recovering from a busy work week, to weigh in on news from Games Workshop and Lock & Load 2017.  Simon updates us on finishing up his Primaris Marines painting projects, and Laurie gets distracted by Guild Ball and Netrunner.  Ed Bourelle of SkeletonKey Games joins the duo to discuss his passion for producing high quality accessories for elevating the tabletop gaming experience, then regales all with some fantastic adventures during his time as Creative Director for Privateer Press.  Laurie shares some thoughts on hobby life with a discourse about paint brushes.  To wrap up, Simon and Laurie both think Glow is pretty darn cool.  Thanks to awesome listener questions, the pair ponder what intellectual properties would make for kickass miniatures games.


Simon’s Primaris Ancient

File:Putrid Choir Marine.jpg

Putrid Choir vectorum

Inquisitor Engel’s Imperial Knight

Knight House Hyperion Decal Sheet

Laurie’s Carrion Lancer WIP

Age of Sigmar – Path to Glory

News & Current Events (14:40)

Ed Bourelle Interview (37:20)

“PlanofAtkers” becomes a thing.

Review (1:59:56)

Essential Citadel Brush Selection

 Image result for privateer press wet palette

Winsor & Newton Series 7

Off Topic (2:10:00)

Android: Netrunner

Eldritch Horror
Guild Ball
Blood Bowl


Questions from the Audience (2:18:20)

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