Plan of ATK! Episode 10

Plan of ATK returns from it’s late August hiatus! Simon and Laurie talk about Convention Season in high gear, the never-ending series of surprisingly cool Games Workshop announcements, and discuss the new P3 Wicked Harvest paints before welcoming guest Gregoire Boisbelaud, of Dust USA to talk about his career on both sides of the Atlantic. Laurie reviews the Grymkin Wicked Harvest starter set, and the episode concludes with the usual off topic ramblings.


P3 Sickly Skin and Piggy Purple








Wicked Harvest Colors



News & Current Events (20:38)


Spartan Games

Tor Gaming


Necromunda returns!


Gregoire Boisbelaud Interview (33:58)

Paolo Parente’s Dust

Dust USA

Review (1:33:26)

Image result for grymkin core army box

Hordes: Grymkin

Warmachine & Hordes release schedule


Off Topic (1:57:18)

The Tick

The Defenders

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