Plan of ATK! Episode 12

Our dastardly duo returns in Episode 12!  Continually excited about the prospects of a spooky and spoopy month ahead, Simon and Laurie report on their success in their latest hobby ventures involving more samurai and Grymkin goodness.  News abounds with talk of Shadespire, SAGA, and Paolo Parente’s Dust: 1947 — oh my!  Revel in all things terrain with their guest Rob Hawkins as he shares his journey as professional hobby master.  The two gush over the super Citadel Paint App, reviewing it’s true awesomeness.  Since it’s such a delightfully frightful time of year, don’t miss out on this month’s ghoulish contest!


Laurie’s Easter Crabbits & The Heretic

Laurie squees over Rikors Iron’s Skin & Moans

Simon’s Test of Honour Samurai

Paletton – Color Scheme Designer

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower


News & Current Events (00:15:36)



Citadel Paint App

Goatfish – Goat Herding Card Game

The Great Work II

SAGA – New Version Announced!

Company of Iron Weekly Rumbles; Dallas & Will Schick

DUST 1947 ENLIST – Army building app

Endless War – Dust 1947 Worldwide Campaign

Warcradle Studios Announcement


Rob Hawkins Interview (00:31:40)

Skull Forge Scenics Store

Skull Forge Scenics Facebook

The Rob Hawkins Hobby Blog

Hobby Blog Facebook

Hobby Blog Terrain Tutorials Page

Main Terrain Gallery

Wild West Exodus Terrain Gallery

Wrath of Kings Terrain Gallery


Review (01:34:24)

Citadel Paint App


Off Topic (01:44:45)


Contest Details (01:52:57)

Plan of ATK Facebook
Plan of ATK Twitter

Unhallowed Metropolis


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