Plan of ATK! Episode 15

As Simon continues his international travels for fame and glory, we’ve prepared a very special episode for our fifteenth entry of the Plan of ATK podcast!  Andy Hobday joins us once more, this time to tell us all about his latest and greatest: Gangs of Rome.  Delve into a shadowy world of intrigue and violence with us as we discover what this new miniatures game has in store.  Win prestige and glory of your own as a Dominus/Domina employing your gang to secure your seat in the Senate.  Gangs of Rome features some lively mechanics that are sure to keep you on your toes!  We’ll be back next time with our regular format of tabletop geekery.

Andy Hobday Interview

Gangs of Rome official website

Footsore Miniatures website

Footsore Miniatures Gangs of Rome Facebook Group



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