Plan of ATK! Episode 18

In this episode of Plan of ATK!, Simon continues to tackle his paint list for the year with Seraphon commissions while Laurie whips up some tabletop quality of her own with a friend’s Fallout board game miniatures.  Simon gears up for his first trip to the Las Vegas Open for some monkey business.  Dave Taylor, formerly of Games Workshop and Wargames Illustrated joins as special guest; they talk about his vast experiences in the industry and his penchant for boosting Kickstarter quality.   Simon wraps it up with some great read recommendations!


Las Vegas Open

Z First Impact







Redline Playtest


News & Current Events (00:30:00)

Great Unclean One

Malign Portents

Adeptus Custodes


Dave Taylor Interview (00:36:14)

Dave Taylor Miniatures

Nova Open Charitable Foundation

Wargames Illustrated

Off Topic (1:44:00)

Planet Earth II

The Gifted

Travel Man


Tim Krabbé – The Rider

N.K. Jemisin – Fifth Season

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