About Us

Simon Berman has been playing miniatures war games since 1993 when he committed a paint-based assault upon an innocent Ultramarine. From 2008-2016 as the social marketing manager and staff writer for Privateer Press. During his time at Privateer he worked contributed thousands of words of fiction and ad-copy to the award-winning games, WARMACHINE and HORDES, as well as the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game, winner of 4 ENnies awards. These days he runs Strix Publishing where he publishes horror fiction and occult art books. He lives in Seattle with a cat name Chud who is far more internet-famous than Simon will ever be.

Laurie discovered the wonders of miniatures gaming during her career in the MMORPG industry, with FUNCOM.  She quickly realized that assembling, painting, and battling with miniature war-men was a stress reliever of the unexpected kind.  She currently suffers from collection sickness, expanding her obsessive love of WARMACHINE and HORDES factions to a total of five and picking up AGE OF SIGMAR.  When she's not warring on the tabletop or in videogames, she can be found hangin' around the Metro-Atlanta area game stores, working on painting commissions, and playing Ska for her Tarantulas.  Okay, not really, they prefer black metal.